Stretch-Vac™ 2000 is a red, transparent, soft, high-elongation, heat stabilized, co-extruded film, produced from a modified polyamide resin. Stretch-Vac™ 2000 easily conforms to complex contours and can be heat seamed to meet customer’s requirements. Stretch-Vac™ 2000 is formulated to be less affected by environmental changes and remain flexible in low humidity conditions.

​Stretch-Vac™ 2000 is available in the following standard sizes:
.002” x 54” x 2000’
.002” x 62” (V-sheet) x 1000’
.002” x 72” x 1000’
.002” x 120” x 1000’

Please contact us for non-standard sizes.


Stretch-Vac™ 2000 is recommended as a bagging film for advanced composite fabrication, when a dependable, soft, stretchable bag is required. With Stretch-Vac™ 2000’s unique characteristics, fewer pleats are needed when vacuum bagging either complex or simple contoured parts.

Typical Values
Tensile Strength, psi (kg/cm²)> 15,000 (1055)
Elongation, % > 500
Tensile modulus, psi < 50,000
Maximum use temperature, °F (°C)400 (205)