Frekote S-50




Loctite® Frekote® S-50 offers excellent release and slip properties and is recommended for the most demanding silicone rubber molding applications. When properly applied to a preheated surface, this water based product forms a thin, inert, thermally stable coating capable of releasing most types of silicone rubber. Furthermore, S-50 is capable of being diluted with water at a wide range of ratios.


Apply Frekote S-50 to molds preheated to a minimum of 220°F (104°C).
Application of Frekote S-50 is suitable for application up to 390°F (199°C).
Apply Frekote S-50 using a finely atomized fan pattern. Regulate gun output to 2-3 fl. oz./minute for molds heated to 220-300°F or 4-5 fl. oz./minute for molds above 300°F.
At temperatures above 220 °F S-50 does not require a cure time and molding can commence as soon as the water carrier has evaporated.

AppearanceYellowish liquid
Application Temperature220°F – 390°F
Special CautionsKeep From Freezing!
Specific Gravity1.00 +/- 0.02
Shelf Life12 months from the date of manufacture