Process Materials

Bagging films, release films, sealant tapes, bleeders and breathers, pressure sensitive tapes, release fabrics, peel plies

Bagging Films
High temperature co-extruded nylon and other bagging films.

Release Films
Colored and clear, perforated and non-perforated high temperature release films.

Pressure Sensitive Tapes
High Temperature pressure sensitive, TFE, coated fiberglass and uncoated fiberglass tapes.

Sealant Tapes
Vacuum bag sealant tapes from ambient to 800 ℉

Breathers & Bleeders
High elongation non-woven bleeders and breathers.

Peel Plies
Nylon, Polyester, Aramid and fiberglass, scoured and heat set.

Value Plies
Value Ply™ is the newest addition to the peel ply family of fabrics. It consists of twelve fabrics and in addition to scoured and heat-set it is available in two new finishes: super release lavender (SRL) and secret woven finish (SWF).

Release Fabrics
Nylon, Polyester, Aramid and fiberglass, scoured and heat set, release coated and TFE coated fiberglass.

Valves, Hoses & Gauges
Vacuum Valves: Aluminum, stainless steel and steel.
Autoclave hoses: All stainless steel for 1000 ℉ Nylon, Polyester, Aramid and fiberglass, scoured and heat set. use, braided stainless steel, with or without silicone rubber covering for up to 550 ℉ use.

Vacuum Infusion Products
To meet the needs of composites manufacturers involved in the infusion process, Huntsman developed a new family of epoxies known as Reninfusion™ Epoxy Systems. These products feature the low viscosity and long pot life needed for good wet-out of fiberglass, graphite, and other reinforcing materials used in infusion processes. They also offer good dimensional stability and cured physical characteristics to support production of high quality, dense composite tools and parts.

A variety of processing aids.