Northern Composites offers premium quality process and structural materials to the composites, metal bonding, and tooling industries.

Process Materials

Bagging films, release films, sealant tapes, bleeders and breathers, pressure sensitive tapes, release fabrics, peel plies


Mitsubishi woven, unidirectional prepregs and adhesive products


Henkel aerospace epoxy film and paste adhesives, epoxy syntactics, laminating resins and primers.
MRCFAC (formerly Newport) epoxy film and core splice adhesives. BCC Tooling adhesive products.

Release Agents

Frekote brand semi-permanent release agents.

Structural Reinforcements

Glass, carbon, aramid, and hybrid woven reinforcements. Noncrimped fabrics.

Tooling Products

Aquacore and Aquapour water soluble materials.

Surface Treatments

Turco® and P3® cleaning & maintenance products, Alodine® conversion anodizing and functional coatings and Multan® machining & grinding fluids.

Component Resins

EA 956
EA 9390
EA 9396
EA 9396.C2

Tools and Accessories

CB 350, PP Shrink Tape, ST-RESIN-DAM, Thermocouple Wire Selection Chart, VACTYTE 4025, VACTYTE F8