At Northern Composites we’ve partnered with some of the best names in the composites and manufacturing industries to bring information to your fingertips. Meet our partners below

Nylon, polyester and Kevlar® peel plies and release fabrics. A global innovator of engineered materials & technical fabrics. Providing woven & nonwoven solutions across diverse, high-performance industries.

Woven and unidirectional structural prepregs, film adhesives, core splice adhesives and Towpreg™. Prepregs available with most reinforcements.

Frekote® mold sealing and release products. Hysol® structural epoxy paste adhesives, specialty resins and primers. Turco®surface treatments for cleaning and maintenance of all aircraft surfaces. Alodine® conversion anodizing and functional coatings. P3® process, parts and maintenance cleaners. Multan® machining and grinding fluids.

Woven E-Glass, S-Glass, aramid, carbon fiber and hybrid reinforcements. BGF Industries manufactures woven & nonwoven fabrics from fiberglass, carbon, aramids, and other high performance fibers for technical textiles used in the Aerospace, Protective, Energy/Environmental, Marine, Automotive, Reinforcements, Filtration, and Construction industries.

Epoxy laminating, infusion, surface coat, casting and adhesive resin systems. PTM&W formulates and manufactures epoxy and polyurethane resin systems for production composites, composite tooling, production and rapid prototyping applications.

Vacuum bagging and consumable materials and vacuum infusion products. Newly added Kitting of process materials for great labor savings.  Northern is your source for premium quality composite materials. Serving the composites, metal bonding and tooling industries since 1965. Our technical sales staff are available to assist you with your next project.

Wiping & cleaning cloths for all applications. American Fiber & Finishing, Inc. (AF&F) is America’s leading provider of light and medium weight woven industrial fabrics. AF&F is a privately-held company founded in 1986 after a buyout of the industrial fabrics divisions of Kendall Company.  In 1996, the company moved its Massachusetts operations to Albemarle, North Carolina

Aquacore™ & Aquapour™ water soluble mandrel materials with service to 380° F+. Advanced Ceramics Manufacturing specializes in the development and production of water soluble mandrels, composite parts, and ceramic components for worldwide distribution.