Woven and unidirectional structural prepregs, film adhesives, core splice adhesives and Towpreg™.

Northern Composites Pre-Pregs

Prepreg fabrics are available with attributes providing high-temperature resistance, fire retardant, low temperature cure, tooling and self-adhesive properties. They can be molded for large and lightweight structural pieces in the marine, medical, aerospace & defense, sporting goods, glass, and general industrial (composite bridges) markets.

PAN Fiber

Pitch Fiber
High performance coal tar pitch based carbon fiber, available in a large range of product formats from low to ultra high tensile modulus grades.

Film adhesives, Core Splice and Lightning Strike materials

Epoxy PrePregs
Woven and Unidirectional prepregs for part manufacture or tooling construction.

A variety of epoxy matrices impregnated on carbon, glass and aramid tows for filiment winding.

BMI Prepregs
Toughened bismaleimide (BMI) resin systems.