Hysol EA 9257 Adhesive Bonding Primer




Hysol EA 9257 is a water-borne adhesive bonding primer for 350°F/177°C service. It may be cured from 250-300°F (121-149°C) with optimum performance achieved with 270-280°F (132-138°C) cure. The data contained herein were obtained with Hysol EA 9657 .08 psf (390 g/m2) adhesive film. A more detailed processing data package is available upon request.


Excellent storage and outtime stability.
Capable of applying up to 0.2 mil (0.005 mm) per box coat.
Slow settling rate – minimum agitation necessary during application.
Application and flash rates similar to solvent borne primers.
May be stored for 6 months after primer cure when protected.
Primer reactivation not required for second-stage bonding.

Color Green