Turco 5948 DPM THICK




Turco 5948 DPM Thick is a viscous alkaline, water base, blue, concentrated compund formulated to effectively cling to painted and unpainted aircraft exterior and interior surfaces.


Turco 5948 DPM Thick is ideally suited for use in all jets, especially in baggage bins, flap and wheel areas, and on engines before overhaul.


  1. Effectively removes jet soils, such as synthetic oil films, grease, carbon and exhaust residues from aircraft exterior surfaces, landing gears, wheel wells, flaps, engine, etc.
  2. For use on all aircraft metals and well bonded paint.
  3. Non-staining and non-streaking to aluminum
  4. Non-crazing to Plexiglass
  5. Conforms to Douglas CSD #1 and Pratt and Whitney SPOP #1
  6. Very free rinsing
  7. Multi-purpose, exterior and interior cleaning.
  8. Pleasant and refreshing odor
  9. Non-flammable
  10. Does not contain phosphates, chromates, butyl cellosolve, or heavy aromatic solvents
  11. Will not attack asphalt ramps