CB 350


Northern Composites


CB 350 is a press cured carbon fiber epoxy resin prepreg balanced laminate. CB 350 is cured for 60 minutes at 350 °F followed by a post cure for 60 minutes at 400 °F. Unless otherwise requested, standard.


CB 350 laminate panels are made with a nylon peel ply co-cured on both outer surfaces of the laminate which may be removed by the user.


Resin Cure: 350°F cure epoxy, 60 min
Post Cure: 400°F, 60 min
Fiber: Carbon: unifiber center 0/90,Fabric 0/90 outer ply, (2) sides
Peel ply: Nylon peel ply, two (2) sides
Tg (by DMA): 350 °F