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ToolCoat PTFE Tape with Silicone or Acrylic Adhesive

Toolkote is a pressure sensitive tape using PTFE impregnated fiberglass that is coated with a silicone or acrylic adhesive. 

Toolkote is used on severely contoured bond jigs and lay-up molds. Toolkote is inert to almost all chemicals, corrosives, and environmental factors. It eliminates the need for release coatings that could be potential comtaminants, and is especially useful on composite tools and press platens. Toolkote gives optimum release, and can also be used for flash control, chute lining, heat-sealing machines, covering of coating and drying rolls, lining for guide rails, and any other non-stick, low friction applications. 


Backing Material PTFE coated E-fiberglass
Backing Thickness 0.003″
Adhesive System Silicone or Acrylic
Adhesive Thickness
Adhesion ASTM-D 100042 oz./in. width
Tensile Strength ASTM-D 375975 lb./in. width (nom.)
Tear Strength ASTM-D 37591.3 lb.(nom.)
Silicone Max. Operating Temp. 500°F (260°C)
 Acrylic Max. Operating Temp. 350°F (177°C)

The above values are “Typical Values” which have a nominal range about them and are not intended for specification purposes. 


Available in widths from 1/4″ to 20″ in 18 or 36 yard roll lengths 

* -S = Silicone    -A = Acrylic