The MTF-275 series, clear/matte, is an intermediate temperature release film for use with most resin types curing at temperatures up to 260°F.

The product provides a very smooth glossy finish on one side and an even textured finish on the other.


MTF-275 is especially useful where a high quality matte or glossy cosmetic finish is required.


Clear/Matte: .003” x 52” (approx. 400 lbs./roll)
.002” x 52” (approx. 400-500 lbs./roll)
Clear/Clear: .001″ x 60″
Yield for .003 71 sf/lb.
  for .002 106 sf/lb.
for .001 212 sf/lb.
Density: 905 Kg/m³
Elongation: 50 – 150%
Melt Point: 330°F (165°C)
Maximum Use Temperature: 260°F (127°C)

Will release from most commercially available resin systems
Shelf Life – Indefinite