Northern Composites

Vacuum bagging consumable materials and vacuum infusion products.

Bagging Film
High Temperature co-extruded nylon and other bagging materials.

Release Film
Colored and Clear, perforated and non-perforated FEP, ETFE, PMP, & PP release films.

Sealant Tapes
Vacuum Bag sealant tapes from ambient to 800°F

Breathers & Bleeders
High elongation non-woven bleeders and breathers.

Release Fabrics
Nylon, Polyester, Aramid and Fiberglass release coated and TFE fabrics.

Pressure Sensitive Tapes
Flashtapes, TFE Tapes, Glass reinforced tapes, Corehold & Assembly Tapes.

Peel Plies
Nylon, Polyester, Aramid and Fiberglass, scoured and heat set or release treated.

Vacuum Valves, Hoses & Gauges
Vacuum valves & vacuum/oven hoses, quick disconnects.

Vacuum Infusion
Infusion media for VARTM

Fiberglass Tapes
Tabbing cloth for composite tooling. Edge breathers for high temp autoclave vac bag molding.

Miscellaneous shop aides and tools.