Frekote C-200 C-210




Loctite® Frekote® Aqualine® C-200 is a unique water based release agent designed to provide multiple releases per application with no contaminating transfer. Aqualine C-200 can be applied to molds at any temperature between room temperature and 205°C (400°F). Aqualine C-200 chemically bonds to the mold surface to form a thin, chemically resistant coating capable of releasing all thermoset composites. Aqualine C-200 is a water based product which contains no CFC’s and no chlorinated, aromatic or petroleum based solvents thus making it one of the safest, non flammable, very low VOC products available. When used according to directions, Aqualine C-200 gives no mold build-up and exhibits high thermal stability for all molding processes.


Frekote Aqualine C-210 is designed for applications where a hot >60°C, (140°F) mold touch-up is required or where spray application is being utilized. Aqualine C-210 is recommended for use over an Aqualine C-200 base coat. As with the C-200, Aqualine C-210 provides multiple release and no contaminating transfer

AppearanceWhite emulsion
OdorSlight mild odor
Specific GravityC-200 0.99
C-210 1.00
Shelf LifeC-200 6 months from date of manufacture
C-210 12 months from date of manufacture
Cured thermal stability600°C (315°F)