NB3100 is a 250–300°F (121-149°C) cure, controlled flow epoxy based, surfacing film. NB3100 minimizes the need for spot repairs (patching and/or sanding) to prepare a composite surface for painting.

• Excellent cured surface cosmetics: smooth and porosity-free
• Co-curable with most 250°F (121°C) and 300°F (149°C) cure systems
• Compatible with various paints
• Sands well for easy paint preparation
• Semi-transparent or black color

NB3100 is designed for film adhesive application with excellent surface cosmetics after cure. Good adhesion, sand-ability, smooth and porosity-free surface after cure makes NB3100 well suited for surfacing film applications such as industrial, medical, sporting goods, marine and certain applications in aerospace or large scale structures where a
painted surface requires good cosmetics.

NB3100 can be supplied with areal weights from 0.020-0.090 psf (100-440 gsm), supported with a non-woven carrier. Standard widths are 38, 42, and 50 inches (1, 1.1, 1.3 m).

Recommended processing conditions
NB3100 can be cured at temperatures from 250°F – 300°F (121°C – 149°C) depending on part size and complexity, and is co-curable with 250°F – 300°F (121°C – 149°C) resin systems. Low, medium, and high pressure molding techniques may be used to cure NB3100 film adhesive. During layup, the resin rich side (the paper side) should be placed against
the tool. Recommended cure cycle is 40 psi (276kPa), 3°F/min. (1.7°C/min.) ramp to 275°F (135°C), hold for 90 minutes, cool to <140°F (60°C).