Northern Composites


ST-RESIN-DAM is a black colored non-silicone rubber developed for use in composite and metal bond fabrication. The product’s moderate tack allows easy application to aluminum, steel, nickel and composite tool surfaces.


ST-RESIN-DAM is applied to tooling around composite part lines to restrict resin flow during cure cycles. When used with a release film such as Vac Pak A-5000, an inner bag can be created to further restrict resin migration during cure. In complex shapes, attaining useful pressure in tight radii is often difficult. By applying release film to the prepreg in the radii and then ST-RESIN-DAM, composite technicians are able to assure useful compaction pressure will be realized in
normally troublesome areas.

Color Black
Solids Content 100%
Standard Sizes-
Width 1/2″(12.7mm)
Thickness 1/8″(3.2mm)
Roll Length 25′(7.6m)
Rolls/Ctn. 20
Ft./Ctn. 500′(152.5m)
Maximum Use
Temperature 450°F(232°C)