LTF-250 is a light blue tinted copolymer bagging film.  LTF-250 is designed for prolonged cures to 250°F (121°C) and remains soft and pliable.  LTF-250 is available in 60” sheet and 60″ V-sheet (opens to 120″ sheet)  at .002 thick.  Non-standard widths and thickness are available with minimum buy requirements.


LTF-250 is engineered for use with all standard 250°F curing epoxy resin systems.  It is particularly suited for debulking and hot compaction cycles where softness and elongation is essential. This film is not suited for use with polyester or vinylester resins.

Typical Values
Tensile Strength, psi:8000
Elongation, %:650
Maximum use temperature, °F:275
DSC Melt, °F:302
Softening Point, °F:198