Northern Composites


VacTyte™ F8 wire is a reusable, leakproof lead-through for vacuum bag sealant tape penetrations. It will not kink and resists knotting.
The unique feature of VacTyte™ F8 is that the wires are simultaneously encapsulated in a single ovoid PTFE extrusion with a narrowing between the conductors. This extrusion method eliminates possible leak paths within the insulation so wires need not be stripped for sealant penetrations. VacTyte™ F8 is easy to seal between layers of sealant tape. VacTyte™ F8 can be stripped using conventional methods.


VacTyte™ F8 is certifiable to ASTM E207, ASTM E230 and EMF values are in accordance with ASNI MC96.1. Test reports are provided with each shipment at no cost.
VacTyte™ F8 wire may be ordered in custom lengths, or spools in Type J, 24 gauge, 1/0.508mm iron and constantan conductors. Type K and other gauges of wire are available on special order.