Turco® 4181-GL™




TURCO® 4181-GL™ is a concentrated liquid alkaline degreaser/rust remover formulated to remove rust, paints, lube oils, drawing pastes, cutting oils and protective oils from ferrous alloys. TURCO® 4181-GL™ will not attack ferrous alloys, magnesium alloys, stainless steels, brass, bronze or Monel alloys when used as directed. It can be used on titanium alloys when diluted to 10% in water at a maximum of 82ºC (180ºF).  TURCO® 4181-GL™ is highly alkaline and should not be used on tin, aluminum, zinc or any alloy containing these metals as the major constituents.  TURCO® 4181-GL™ works well alone. However, cleaning performance can be enhanced with the use of TURCO® 4181-GL™ ADDITIVE.