Frekote 720-NC




Loctite Frekote® 720-NC is formulated specifically as a release agent for all cast polymer products and for releasing highly filled resins. Frekote 720-NC contains a unique cross-linking polymer designed for cast polymer manufacturers needing to reduce their cycle time by releasing “hot” parts. Frekote 720-NC is also well suited for certain abrasive, closed molding processes such as RTM and filament winding. Additionally, Frekote 720-NC’s unique chemistry makes it idea for applciation on highly porous mold surfaces.


Fast curing
Glass finish
Easy application
Multiple releases per application
high slip/low surface energy coating

AppearanceClear liquid
Solvents Aliphatic Dibutyl Ether/Aliphatic Naphtha
Specific Gravity0.762 +/- .015
Special CautionsMoisture sensitive, keep container tightly closed when not in use.
Shelf Life6 months from date of manufacture in an unopened container
Application Temp55°F – 110°F