Mitsubishi Carbon Fiber and Composites (formerly Newport Adhesives and Composites)


NB106 is a 235F to 300F cure, flame retardant epoxy film adhesive designed for bonding metallic and non-metallic substrates to end grain wood, foam, and honeycomb core materials.


NB106 is suited for structural and secondary bonding applications in aerospace, sporting goods, marine, wind energy, and industrial manufacturing where flame retardant properties are required. NB106 is supplied in standard film weights from 0.030 to 0.090 psf (150-450 gsm), and a variety of commercially available reinforcements, including:

Non-woven polyester mat (HC)
Nylon mesh (N), and tricot (TR)
Unsupported (U)
Metal meshes for electrical management
Available in woven fabric form (NB 1106) and unitape form (NCT 106/8)