Frekote Cast Urethane Release




Loctite® Frekote® Cast Urethane Release has been designed to form a semi-permanent release coating on the mold surface for rigid, cast polyurethane products. Frekote Cast Urethane Release is intended to be applied to a mold surface at a temperature between 20°-150°C (68°-302°F). The multiple release non-transferring system chemically bonds to the mold surface to form a micro thin chemically resistant coating. Frekote Cast Urethane Release cures very rapidly on the mold surface. It has minimal build-up and exhibits high thermal and chemical stability for most PU molding processes.


When the mold is clean and free from other release agent or contaminant, it can be heated to its molding temperature. Frekote Cast Urethane Release may be applied by spraying (ensuring a dry air source), airless spray, wiping, or brushing.

AppearanceClear liquid
SolventsAliphatic Hydrocarbon
Specific Gravity0.71 g/cm3
Cured thermal stability400°C (750°F)