Advanced Ceramics Manufacturing


Aquafill™ has been formulated to fill or patch ACM’s water-soluble mandrel materials Aquacore™, Aquapour™, and Aquacore™ Premium. Once applied, Aquafill™ will give the surface of the mandrel a smooth, porcelain-like feel. Aquafill™ can also be used as a bonding agent for attaching any of ACR’s water-soluble mandrel materials to one another.


Aquafill™ is premixed and ready to use. Once the mandrel has been formed and dried in a convection oven, Aquafill™ can be applied easily with a rubber squeegee, such as those used in auto body applications. Aquafill™ takes slightly longer to wash out than Aquacore™, Aquapour™, or Aquacore™ Premium, but, just like Aquacore™, Aquapour™, and Aquacore™ Premium, it is environmentally friendly and requires no special procedures for disposal.