HS-8171 Co-Ex is a green-tinted, transparent, heat-stabilized, co-extruded film produced from a modified nylon 6 resin. HS-8171 Co-Ex is a high temperature nylon film which can be used for cures up to 400°F (205°C). It is available as lay-flat tubing and as lay-flat sheet. Standard thickness is .002 or .003 inches. Any non-standard width is available up to 160 inches.


HS-8171 Co-Ex is recommended as a bagging film for advanced composite fabrication and other high­temperature / pressure applications where softness, workability, pinhole-free and defect-free films are essential. The co-extrusion process represents the most advanced “state-of -the-art” in blown film production. This is achieved because of the multiple flow of film fusing together at the extrusion die exit.

Typical Values
Tensile Strength, psi (kg/cm²)> 14,000 (984)
Elongation, % > 350
Tensile modulus, psi <75,000
Maximum use temperature, °F (°C)400 (205)