Hysol Synspand 9890 Expanding Syntactic Film – Abradable Seal




SynSpand EA 9890 is an expanding modified epoxy film that cures @ 250°F/121°C. Commonly used for abradable seals, which require high abrasion and corrosion resistance. Additional features include expansion and low density upon cure. SynSpand EA 9890 is supplied as a continuous film of controlled areal weight and width.


SynSpand EA 9890 requires refrigerated storage. Store @ 0°F/-18°C or below for maximum storage life. Warranted life @ 0°F/-18°C or below is 12 months. Store in sealed desiccated MIL B 131 H Class 1 Type 1 bag provided. Allow adequate time for the container to warm to room temperature before opening for use.

Film Areal Weight: 0.40 +/- 0.04 lbs/ft3 (1.95 +/- 0.2 kg/m2)
Film Widths:Standard 16 in (40.7 cm) nominal
Roll Lengths:Standard 50 feet (15.2 m)