Hysol PL 7000 Epoxy Film Adhesive




Hysol® PL 7000 is an epoxy film adhesive for composite bonding applications. Hysol® PL 7000 is formulated to provide excellent performance properties in composite bonding, and has excellent results on composite surfaces that have been exposed to bond shop environments and may have absorbed moisture.


Ideal for composite co-curing and secondary bonding applications


Hysol® PL 7000 may be cured at 250 ºF (120 ºC) or 350 ºF (180 ºC) with service temperatures up to 300 F (150 ºC). Hysol® PL 7000 also exhibits excellent fracture toughness (G1C) over composite surfaces exhibiting cohesive failure patterns indicating superior adhesion characteristics.