NB321 LS


Mitsubishi Carbon Fiber and Composites (formerly Newport Adhesives and Composites)


NB321 LS is a 275°F to 300°F cure, toughened, high Tg, controlled flow epoxy resin system. Versatile processing, excellent mechanical properties, and long out-life make NB321 LS especially suited for the general aviation, aerospace, and industrial markets. FAA approved design allowable database is available.


NB321 LS is a lightning strike protection adhesive ideal for electrical shielding resistance and can be made as a Aluminum or Copper mesh reinforced adhesive; it is ideal for the UAV, general aviation, aerospace and industrial markets where products are required to operate in a large environmental envelope and where electrical conductance is required.Adhesive products are available in standard commercial widths up to 48 inches.

Products width(in) weight(psf) thickness(in) %open area
Aluminum Mesh 48 .016 .006 76
Aluminum Mesh 36 .028 .00560
Copper Mesh (4CU6) 36 .029 .005  84
Copper Mesh (CXMC) 36 .029 .005 84