PT1935 Non-Metal Filled High Temperature Surface Coat


PT1935 is a black, non-metal filled epoxy surface coat resin that combines easy handling and application characteristics with very good high temperature service capabilities. The smooth viscosity of PT1935 permits excellent reproduction of surface details without air entrapment or pinholes. When cured, PT1935 may be readily sanded or scribed, allowing layouts and engineering changed to be easily performed. PT1935 is highly resistant to surface cracking and checking during continuous high heat production cure cycles. PT1935 will faithfully reproduce the very high gloss of a properly prepared model. Also, due to the nature of the fillers it contains, PT1935 may be polished to a mirror finish after sanding or machining during rework or repair. PT1935 is a low toxicity potential resin. It does not contain vinvlcyclohexane diepoxide (VCHD) or other potentially restricted diluents. Two hardeners are available for use with PT1935 that give different handling properties and working times. Thus, a range of applications can be satisfied by switching hardeners to fit the requirements. The hardeners listed here are low toxicity products. They do not contain methylene dianiline (MDA), or any aniline derivatives. They are non-staining materials, and will not crystallize in normal shipping and storage conditions.

 PT1935 A
PT1935 B
PT1935 B1
ASTM Method 
Light Paste
1700 cps
1200 cps
Specific Gravity, gms./cc
Mix Ratio, by Weight

100 : 12
100 : 13
Pot Life, 4 fl oz Mass @ 77°F

40 – 45 min
90 – 120 min.


When using PT1935 with either Part B or Part B1 hardener, the material will gel hard at room temperature, and then may be given a post cure by the recommended schedule for the laminating system being used.

 PT1935 A/BPT1935 A/B1
ASTM Method
Mix Ratio, by Weight
100 : 12
100 : 13
Color BlackBlackVisual
Mixed Viscosity, @77°F, centipoise
52,000 cps
71,000 cps
Pot Life, 4 fl.oz. Mass, @77°F
40 – 45 min.
90 – 120 min.
Cured Hardness, Shore D, @77°F, @300°F
90 Shore D
90 Shore D
86 Shore D
85 Shore D
Specific Gravity, grams, cc
Tensile Strength, psi
5420 psi
5610 psi
Glass Transition Temperature, TMA: Tg (Peak)


 Quart Kit
Gallon Kit
Pail Kit
PT1935 A
2.75 lb.
11 lb.
55 lb.
PT1935 B
.33 lb
1.33 lb
12.33 lb.
PT1935 B1
.36 lb.
1.5 lb.
7.5 lb.


PTM&W epoxy products are made from raw materials carefully chosen to minimize or even eliminate toxic chemicals, and therefore offer the user high performance products with minimum hazard potential when properly used.  Generally, the PTM&W epoxy resins and hardeners will present no handling problems if users exercise care to protect the skin and eyes, and if good ventilation is provided in the work areas.  However, all epoxy resins and hardeners can be irritating to the skin, and prolonged contact may result in sensitization; and breathing of mist or vapors may cause allergenic respiratory reactions, especially in highly sensitive individuals.  As such, avoid contact with eyes and skin, and avoid breathing vapors.  Wear protective rubber apron, clothing, gloves, face shield or other items are required to prevent contact with the skin.  In case of skin contact, immediately wash with soap and water, followed by a rinse of the area with vinegar, and then a further wash with soap and water.  The vinegar will neutralize the hardener and lessen the chances of long term effects.  Use goggles, a face shield, safety glasses or other items as required to prevent contact with the eyes.  If material gets into the eyes, immediately flush with water for at least 15 minutes and call a physician.  Generally, keep the work area as uncluttered and clean as possible, and clean up any minor spills immediately to prevent accidental skin contact at a later time.  Keep tools clean and properly stored.  Dispose of trash and empty containers properly.  Do not use any of these types of products until Material Safety Data Sheets have been read and understood.