Loctite® Frekote® Frewax® is a unique combination of a wax and a Frekote semi-permanent polymer release agent. This combination provides the user with the advantages of an easy-to-apply liquid wax and the multiple release performance of a polymer resin. By incorporating a wax into the formulation, a visible film is produced that enables easy, user-friendly application and complete mold coverage. Frewax is applied in a similar manner as a wax; wipe on using a lintfree cotton cloth, allow to haze, then polish with a fresh cloth. Once polished, Frewax leaves a high-gloss film capable of many releases before reapplication is necessary. Using Frewax provides significant process and labor savings through better mold utilization.


High gloss finish
Labor savings due to multiple releases per application
Low odor
Minimal mold build-up
Easy Application
Visible mold coverage

AppearanceMilky White Suspension
SolventsAliphatic Hydrocarbon
Specific Gravity0.760 +/- 0.020
Shelf LifeOne year from date of manufacture
Special CautionsMoisture sensitive; keep container tightly closed when not in use. Shake well before and during use.