Mitsubishi Carbon Fiber and Composites (formerly Newport Adhesives and Composites)


HMT 507 is a 205°-300°F (96°-149°C) cure, hot melt towpreg, utilizing a toughened, well controlled flow epoxy resin matrix. HMT 507’s unique resin formulation is designed to maximize strength potential. Leading to excellent burst pressure and cycle life in composite overwrapped pressure vessel (COPV) testing.


HMT 507 is specifically designed for pressure vessel applications. The product is well suited for filament winding. HMT 507 is well suited for pressure vessel applications which requires high tank burst pressure and long cycle life. Long out time also makes HMT 507 ideal for large scale parts where a layup process can take days or weeks.

HMT 507 can be supplied with most commercially available fibers, including carbon, quartz, aramid, S-glass, E-glass and other specialty fibers.

  • Consistent resin content
  • Stable bandwidth
  • Easy de-spooling
  • Moderate tack (adjustable)
  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • High ultimate burst strength and long cycle life in COPV test
  • Compatible with many of MCCFC’s 250°F (121°C) to 300°F (149°C) cure epoxy systems