PT1554 Aluminum Filled High Temperature Surface Coat


PT1554 is a smooth viscosity aluminum filled epoxy tooling surface coat intended for intermediate high temperature service in a variety of applications. It provides excellent performance in the most demanding industrial applications. It is particularly well suited for tooling that is used in frequent cycling high temperature exposure, where it resists cracking and surface crazing that can be caused by this type of temperature fluctuation. PT1554 resin and hardener mix together very easily, forming a lower viscosity thixotropic material that spreads well and covers corners and projections on the surface nicely. Because of its very creamy, moderately low viscosity, PT1554 works well in applications where fine detail must be duplicated. PT1554 is an ideal general purpose heat resistant tooling surface coat for uses such as vacuum form tools, blow molds, press dies, low production bonding tools and any other application where stability and high performance up to 325°F is required.

 PT1554 Part A
PT1554 Part B
ASTM Method 
304,000 cps
1,100 cps
Specific Gravity, gms./cc
Mix Ratio, by Weight
100 : 12
Pot Life, 4 fl oz Mass @ 77°F
25 – 30 min.


PT1554 A/B will gel hard at normal ambient temperatures. For elevated temperature service, the surface coat should be allowed to gel at room temperature, and then oven post cured according to the schedule required by the laminating system being used.

 PT1554 A/B
ASTM Method
Mix Ratio, by Weight
100 : 12
Color GrayVisual
Mixed Viscosity, @77°F, centipoise
106,000 cps
Pot Life, 4 fl.oz. Mass, @77°F
25 – 30 min.
Cured Hardness, Shore D, @77°F, @300°F*
90 Shore D
Specific Gravity, grams, cc
Density, lb./cu. in.
Specific Volume,  cu. in./lb.19.5D792
Tensile Strength, psi
9,850 psi
Elongation at Break, %
2.54 %
Tensile Modulus, psi
649,120 psi
Flexural Strength, psi
19,828 psi
Flexural Modulus, psi
712,343 psi
Compressive Strength, psi*
16,100 psi
Glass Transition Temperature, TMA: Tg (Peak) *
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion, Range 50°C-100°C
3.26 x 10-5 in./in./°F

* These properties were developed with PT1540 Part B, and are typical of PT1540’s performance.

 Gallon Kit
Pail Kit
PT1554 A
10 lb.
50 lb.
PT1554 B
1.2 lb.
6 lb.
Kit11.2 lb.
56 lb.


PTM&W epoxy products are made from raw materials carefully chosen to minimize or even eliminate toxic chemicals, and therefore offer the user high performance products with minimum hazard potential when properly used.  Generally, the PTM&W epoxy resins and hardeners will present no handling problems if users exercise care to protect the skin and eyes, and if good ventilation is provided in the work areas.  However, all epoxy resins and hardeners can be irritating to the skin, and prolonged contact may result in sensitization; and breathing of mist or vapors may cause allergenic respiratory reactions, especially in highly sensitive individuals.  As such, avoid contact with eyes and skin, and avoid breathing vapors.  Wear protective rubber apron, clothing, gloves, face shield or other items are required to prevent contact with the skin.  In case of skin contact, immediately wash with soap and water, followed by a rinse of the area with vinegar, and then a further wash with soap and water.  The vinegar will neutralize the hardener and lessen the chances of long term effects.  Use goggles, a face shield, safety glasses or other items as required to prevent contact with the eyes.  If material gets into the eyes, immediately flush with water for at least 15 minutes and call a physician.  Generally, keep the work area as uncluttered and clean as possible, and clean up any minor spills immediately to prevent accidental skin contact at a later time.  Keep tools clean and properly stored.  Dispose of trash and empty containers properly.  Do not use any of these types of products until Material Safety Data Sheets have been read and understood.