A-100 Peel Ply

A-100 Nylon Peel Ply

A-100 is a porous peel ply, scoured and heat set for use directly against laminates or bond
lines. A-100 imprints a coarse weave pattern upon removal from the laminate.

A-100 is recommended for composite manufacture and metal bonding applications. Although it is cleanly and easily removed from most commercial resin systems, woven nylon fabrics are not recommended with the use of phenolic systems as the catalyst may cause breakdown in the nylon fabric. Customers are recommended to conduct their own internal testing to verify product compatibility.


Scoured and Heat Set
Tensile Strength (ASTM-D-5034)
Warp: 150 lb Fill: 150 lb
Weight, oz./sq. yd (g/sq. m.)
2.2 (75)
Finished count
Warp: 40 ends/in Fill: 40 picks/in
Overall thickness, in. (mm.)
 0.006 (0.152)
Max Temperature Use:
400°F (204°C)

The above values are “Typical Values” which have a nominal range about them and are not
intended for specification purposes.


60″ widths available (others by request, minimum quantity may apply)
100 yd. rolls