Frekote 815-NC




Loctite Frekote® 815-NC has been designed to form a semi-permanent release interface on mold surfaces with application temperatures from room temperature to 135°C (275°F). The non-migratory multiple release system chemically bonds to the mold surface to form a micro thin chemically resistant coating. Frekote 815-NC will release all natural and synthetic organic rubber compounds. It has minimal build-up on the mold surface and exhibits high thermal stability for all molding processes. During touch-up cycles where application temperatures are above 135°C (275°F) we recommend Frekote 800-NC.


Room temperature application
No mold build-up
High thermal stability
Reduced reject rates
Releases most rubber compounds
Maximum mold utilization
Provides instant on line capability

AppearanceClear liquid
SolventsAliphatic Naphtha
Specific Gravity0.750 +/- .020
Special CautionsMoisture sensitive, keep container tightly closed when not in use
Shelf LifeOne year from date of manufacture
Cured thermal stability400°C (750°F)