C-60 & C-60B Tack Cloth

Chemical Cloth C-60, C-60B Tack Cloths are available in white or black, 100% cotton AMS/BMS base material. The tack cloth works well in picking up dust, lint, and metal shavings from surfaces to be painted. They also work well on metal, composite and wood surfaces. Our tack cloths are oversized, soft and more pliable. The softness improves the ability of the tack cloths to foloow the curves and creases of various surface areas. This product is perfect for any size job, large or small.

Certified to:

BAC 5322
BAC 5325
BAC 5639
BAC 5710
BAC 5736
BAC 5793
BAC 5797
BAC 5837
BAC 5845
BAC 5882
BAC 5896