Honeywell Capran® HS6262


Capran ®  HS6262 is a blue tinted heat stabilized cast film produced from modified nylon resin. It is recommended as a bagging film for advanced composite fabrication and other high temperature applications where softness and workability are essential. Capran HS6262 has excellent heat stability and resistance to pin-holing. Capran HS6262 is available in sheet in widths ranging from 54″ to 80″, available in 2 mil (50 microns) and 3 mil (76 microns) thickness.

Capran HS6262, like all nylon films, is a hydrophilic or water-sensitive material. Moisture and water act as plasticizers. The higher the moisture content of the film, the more flexible it becomes. The lower the
plasticizer content, the stiffer it becomes. The level of moisture content at time of use is an important factor for successful performance.

 Properties at 73°F (23°C) – 50%RH
Typical Value
Test Method
Tensile Strength, Break
15,000 psi / 103 MPa
Elongation, Break
375%ASTM D882
Modulus80,000 psi / 552 MPa
Max recommended use temperature(1)

NOTE: (1) The maximum recommended use temperature is a function of the duration at maximum temperature and is
process specific.

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