Loctite® Frekote® PUR-NC has been designed to form a semipermanent release coating on the mold surface for rigid, cast polyurethane products with application on a mold with a temperature between 20°-150°C (68°-302°F). The multiple release non-transferring system chemically bonds to the mold surface to form a micro thin chemically resistant coating. Frekote PUR-NC cures very rapidly on the mold surface. It has minimal build-up and exhibits high thermal and chemical stability for most PU molding processes.


Fast cure
No transfer
Minimal mold build-up
Multiple releases

ColorClear liquid
OdorClear liquid
SolventAliphatic Hydrocarbon
Specific Gravity0.71 g/cm3
Shelf LifeOne year from date of manufacture
Special CautionMoisture sensitive, keep container tightly closed when not in use
Application Temp20ºC – 150º C (68°F -302°F)
Cured thermal stability400ºC (750°F)