64RC Resin Compatible Fiberglass Tape


BGF Industries


BGF’s new Resin Compatible Narrow Tape is made from specially processed E-glass fibers that require no heat treatment or additional finish processing for superior compatibility to your resin system.  The RC Tape is compatible with Polyester, Epoxy, Phenolics, Vinylester Resin Systems and retains the raw tensile strength of the fiber for excellent electrical insulating properties and high mechanical strength.

StyleWeaveCount(warp x fill)Warp YarnsFill YarnsWeight(OSY)Thickness(inches)
64RCPlain18 x 34ECG 75 1/3 RCECG 50 1/0 RC8.70.0120

64 RC is available in 1″, 2″, 3″ and 4″ widths only. Wider widths will be made available soon.