LV Autoclave Hose

High Temperature Autoclave Hose

LV Autoclave Hose is a total redesign of the LS Series autoclave hose.  Like the LS series, it is a high temperature, two-ply silicone rubber hose with a stainless steel inner liner and threaded brass fittings. The two-ply silicone outer jacket provides a soft, highly flexible vacuum tube with no sharp edges or protrusions that could puncture vacuum bags.  The steel inner liner prevents hose collapse under autoclave pressures and resists damage caused by shop handling and use. LV Autoclave Hose fittings were designed for use in autoclaves to relieve stress at the ferrule interface, to improve the rubber to fitting seal and to extend service life.  Large wrench flat areas for quick and easy attachment to quick connects have also been added on the LV series fittings. The silicone rubber compound is produced using a proprietary manufacturing/extrusion process resulting in a more homogenous jacket.


Maximum Tested Use Temperature500°F (260°C)
Maximum Service pressure500 psi
Hose3/8″ ID
Minimum Bend Radius6″
Standard Fittings1/4″ NPT

The above values are “Typical Values” which have a nominal range about them and are not intended for specification purposes.

LV-1 1/4″ Male NPT Fitting both ends
LV-2 1/4″ Male NPT Elbow fittings both ends
LV-3 1/4″ Male NPT fitting + 1/4″ Male NPT Elbow fitting
LV-M/F 1/4″ Male NPT fitting + 1/4″ Female NPT fitting

Lengths available to 50′