REPLICAST 612 Metallic Gray Rapid Tooling Urethane


REPLICAST 612 is a two-component, filled urethane tooling material that has very easy handling characteristics and exceptional cured properties. This material tends to have less hard-pack settling in storage, and therefore is usually easier to use than other materials of this type, which tend to settle more rapidly. It is not extremely abrasive, so it can be machined with the proper cutters if desired. REPLICAST 612 has a one-to-one mix ratio by weight or volume for fast measuring and mixing. It has a longer pot life than earlier materials of this type, yet it cures rapidly and can be demolded and put into service quickly. REPLICAST 112 has a lower exotherm during cure than our REPLICAST 609, and therefore lower shrinkage in thicker castings. REPLICAST 612 is the better choice for thicker castings when the lowest shrinkage is required. REPLICAST 612 provides and easy to measure and mix, rapid curing system that has tough cured properties and very good heat resistance. It is an excellent choice for patterns, tooling, fixtures and general shop aids.

REPLICAST 612 offers the following benefits:
– Less hard-pack filler settling
– Low exoterm during cure for stress-free castings
– Smooth consistency that pours well & duplicates details nicely
– Very good hot strength
– Excellent for medium to larger casts
– Low shrinkage, good cured stability


REPLICAST 612 is very similar to other REPLICAST products that have been on the market for quite some time. However, REPLICAST 612 offers certain advantages over previous products of this type that make it very attractive for use in a variety of applications. It has a longer working time to allow easier preparation and pouring of complicated castings, yet it cures quite rapidly, so it can be demolded in a short time. The exact demold time will depend upon the shop conditions and size of the casting. Generally, most castings can be demolded in 30 to 40 minutes, depending on size, and can be put into service shortly after that. Very thin casts, and those made in very cold shop environments should be carefully checked for hardness and degree of cure before demolding, to avoid distortion of the casting. REPLICAST 609 is a better choice for thin-section and small castings, as it gels and cures faster in these instances. REPLICAST 612 is a highly filled system, and as such, both components should be checked for settling before making a casting. REPLICAST 612 usually has less hard-pack settling than other products of this type. However, all filled casting systems have the potential to settle in some manner when stored for long periods, so the REPLICAST resin and hardener should be thoroughly stirred before use to insure original manufactured uniformity.

ASTM Method
Mix Ratio, by Weight
100 : 100
ColorMetallic Gray
Mixed Viscosity, @ 77°F
2600 cps
Working Time, 4 fl. oz. Mass @ 77°F
10 min.
Peak Exotherm, 20 lb. Mass. Cast 2 ½” Thick
Cured Hardness, @ RT, @ 150°F
84 D, 80 D
Shrinkage, in./in., Mold # 3, Vol: 1.23 Gal
10″ Long x 4.5 ” Deep
Specific Gravity, grams, cc
Density, lb./cu. inch
Specific Volume, cu. in./lb.
Tensile Strength, psi
4500 psi
Elongation @ Break, % 2.00 %
Flexural Strength, psi
6900 psi
Compressive Strength, psi
9100 psi

Gallon Kit
Kit Volume
   GallonsCubic Inches
Part A
9 lb.
Part B
9 lb.
Kit18 lb.