Northern Composites Featured in Business View Magazine

Business View Magazine featured an interview with Northern Composite’s president, Dick Hewett, in their October 2019 magazine. The interview focused on best practices in the composites sector as well as the recent growth of the company, along with the developments that Northern Composites is poised for in the very near future.

“So, we’re poised for some pretty explosive growth,” Hewett says, in conclusion. “The last few years, we’ve been involved in launching our own product line and putting all the systems and processes in place. Now, we’re ready to go mainstream and that’s what’s going to happen in the next few years. If the reception in the western part of the U.S., and other areas in the world, is as warm as it’s been on the east coast, we’re going to be very busy.”

Richard Hewett

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Being featured in the publication is an honor and a great time to reflect upon how far Northern Composites has come as a company. From humble beginnings starting in 1965 as a sales force for Burlington Glass Fabrics (Now BGF Industries) operating out of some space in a plumbing supply yard, to having multiple locations and representing many lines and launching the Northern brand in 2016 recently a line of kitted products Northern Composites has grown tremendously.

In fact, today, with a complement of 26 full-time people, the company’s products include: Process Materials, Adhesives, Prepegs (“pre-impregnated” composite fibers where a thermoset polymer matrix material, such as epoxy, or a thermoplastic resin is already present), Woven Reinforcements, Component Resins, Release Agents, Structural Reinforcements, Surface Treatments, Tooling Products, and Tools & Accessories.

Richard Hewett

The article delves into some of the things that set Northern Composites apart from other companies in the same space. This differentiation includes several prestigious certifications and the technical expertise of the staff. Richard discusses the certifications that Northern Composites holds, such as ISO 9001, AS9120, and AS9100. These standards are very important in the Aerospace Sector, which has become a very important part of Northern Composites’ business.

“About 55 percent of our business is aerospace, it’s been a growing sector and remains one of the most important markets that we serve. We also service industrial clients, medical, marine, and some sporting goods. And we have the ability to support all of the products we sell. Most of our salespeople are material engineers; we’ve also got a couple of chemists. So, we’re able to help people solve their manufacturing problems.”

Richard Hewett