117-1Flame retardant, self adhesiveDownload Data Sheet
301General purpose prepregDownload Data Sheet
301TA 250°F (121°C) to 300°F (149°C)cure, toughened, controlled flow epoxy resin system. Optimized for aesthetic requirements.Download Data Sheet
304-1High toughness prepregDownload Data Sheet
High toughness prepreg
Download Data Sheet
308-TGeneral purpose, clear
Download Data Sheet
316Flame retardantDownload Data Sheet
321High temperature resistantDownload Data Sheet
1100General purpose, for reinforcement purposesDownload Data Sheet
1101General purposeDownload Data Sheet
1102General purposeDownload Data Sheet
1106Flame retardantDownload Data Sheet
250°F to 300°F cure, flame retardant, toughened modified epoxy resin system.
Download Data Sheet
4080General purpose epoxy, high TgDownload Data Sheet
4300Low temperature cureDownload Data Sheet
4400Good toughness, moderate tack, controlled flowDownload Data Sheet
4708Especially suited for the general aviation, aerospace, and industrial markets with its versatile processing, excellent mechanical properties and long outlife.Download Data Sheet
6100General purpose, high temperatureDownload Data Sheet
6600350°F cure, toughened, high TgDownload Data Sheet