Mitsubishi woven, unidirectional prepregs and adhesive products

Uni-Directional Prepregs

NEWPORT 301 General purpose
4708 4708 is especially suited for the general aviation, aerospace, and industrial markets with its versatile processing, excellent mechanical properties and long outlife.
304-1 High toughness
4402 High toughness
307 High toughness
321 High temperature resistant
LTC-4300 Low temperature cure
117 Flame retardant, self adhesive
316 Flame retardant

Woven Prepregs

117-1 Flame retardant, self adhesive
301 General purpose prepreg
304-1 High toughness prepreg
307 High toughness prepreg
308-T General purpose, clear
316 Flame retardant
321 High temperature resistant
1101 General purpose
1102 General purpose
1106 Flame retardant
4030 4030 is a 250°F to 300°F cure, flame retardant, toughened modified epoxy resin system.
4300 Low temperature cure
6100 General purpose, high temperature