Mitsubishi woven, unidirectional prepregs and adhesive products

Uni-Directional Prepregs

NEWPORT 301 General purpose
4708 4708 is especially suited for the general aviation, aerospace, and industrial markets with its versatile processing, excellent mechanical properties and long outlife.
304-1 High toughness
4402 High toughness
307 High toughness
321 High temperature resistant
LTC-4300 Low temperature cure
117 Flame retardant, self adhesive
316 Flame retardant

Woven Prepregs

106/8Flame retardant, self-adhesive prepreg
117-1 Flame retardant, self adhesive
301 General purpose prepreg
301TDerived from 301 with optimized semi-transparent aesthetics.
304-1 High toughness prepreg
307 High toughness prepreg
308-T General purpose, clear
316 Flame retardant
321 High temperature resistant
1101 General purpose
1102 General purpose
1106 Flame retardant
4030 4030 is a 250°F to 300°F cure, flame retardant, toughened modified epoxy resin system.
4035Snap cure FST system with low heat release properties.
4300 Low temperature cure
4565HTToughened bismaleimide (BMI) system with our highest Tg to date.
4708OOA processable, highly toughened system with NCAMP data.
5300-1Low temperature variable cure system with long out-time.
6600OOA processable, highly toughened high temperature cure system.


HMT301General Purpose, toughened towpreg, controlled flow with versatile processing. Download Data Sheet
HMT316Flame retardant, toughened towpreg designed for electrical applications Download Data Sheet
HMT317 General purpose towpreg. Download Data Sheet
HMT321High temperature resistance, toughenedDownload Data Sheet
HMT321FR High Tg towpreg with flame retardency. Download Data Sheet
HMT4030Flame retardant meets FAR25.853Download Data Sheet
HMT507 Towpreg designed for pressure vessels. Cures at 205°F, in polyethylene’s limits Download Data Sheet
HMT5300 Low temperature variable cure towpreg with long out-time. Download Data Sheet
HMT6600 Highly toughened, high temperature cure towpreg. 350°F Cure, high temperature resistance Download Data Sheet