Name Description Maximum Use Temp.
CB 350 Carbon epoxy backing board 350°F
Corkdam DK153 Granulated cork and sponged synthetic rubber binder used as resin dam to control edge resin flow 86°F
Curepad Non-silicone uncured tooling rubber 400°F
Edgedam SE Versatile shop aid for restricting resin flow. Rectangular silicone rubber extrusion.
Electric Scissor Kit Ergonomically designed electric cordless scissors
Grip Strip Aluminum shop aid for holding prepreg and adhesive films in place during lay up and curing operations.  
Impression Set Thermoplastic film designed to accept the impression of metallic and non-metallic details during the pre-fit process.
PP Shrink Tape Biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) 280°F
Shrink Tape 2 Polyester thermal compaction tape 400°F
ST-Resin Dam Versatile shop aid for restricting resin flow. Black non-silicone rubber 450°F
Table Top  Urethane work surface used as a cutting surface in composite fabrication
Thermocouple Disposable autoclave thermocouples available in J, K & T ANSI 400°F
Ultrasonic Leak Detector Unltrasonic leak detector 32 to 100°F
(0 to 38°C)
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