Alodine Coatings

Alodine® conversion anodizing and functional coatings suitable for use on aluminum, magnesium and other non-ferrous metals. Alodine products include chrome, non-chrome and anodizing technologies providing improved corrosion protection and paint adhesion.

Alodine® Magnesium Treatment Kit

Meant primarily for for touch-up, corrosion repair processes of magnesium alloys

Alodine® 120™ Brush Kit

For treating aluminum to conform to MIL-C-5541C, Class 1A.

Alodine® 600™

Alodine® 600 is a powdered chemical used to produce a chromate conversion coating on aluminum and its alloys, which ranges in color from light, iridescent gold to tan.

Alodine® 600™ RTU

Alodine® 600™ RTU is a ready-to-use, liquid product which produces a chromate conversion coating on aluminum and its alloys.

Alodine® 871™ Touch-N-Prep® Coating

Alodine® 871™ Touch-N-Prep® Coating is formulated for both bare corrosion protection, such as ASTM 921-02, and bonding applications when combined with organic coatings or structural adhesives.

Alodine® 1000™ RTU

Alodine® 1000™ RTU is a ready-to-use, aqueous solution for producing a protective coating on aluminum and its alloys.

Alodine® 1132™ Touch-N-Prep® Coating

Alodine® 1132™ Touch-N-Prep® Coating is ideal for coating repair work. Meets MIL-DTL-81706B, Class 1A & 3, Form VI, Method D.

Alodine® 1200S™

Alodine® 1200S™ used to produce a protective coating on aluminum and improved bond for paint. Listed on QPL-81706 and produces Class 1A & 3 coatings in accordance with MIL C-5541C.

Alodine® 1201™

Alodine® 1201™ is a nonflammable, chromic-acid-based, coating chemical that will produce a chrome conversion coating on aluminum and its alloys.

Alodine® 1500™

Listed on the register for QPL-MIL-C-81706 and is approved to be used by Methods A and C (spray and immersion processing) toproduce Class 3 coatings in accordance with MIL-C-5541 (current issue).

Alodine® 1600™/Alodine® 1660™ Additive

A two-package chemical approved for use under MIL-DTL-81706, Classes 1A and 3 Form I, Method C and Boeing BAC-5719.

Alodine® 5700™

A chromium-free conversion coating specifically formulated for treating aluminum and its alloys.

Alodine® T 5900™

Product can be used in immersion or pressure spray washers and is approved to MIL-DTL-81706B.

Alodine® T 5900™ RTU

Formulated as a ready-to-use material for manual spray applications.
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