Divinycell® foam sandwich cores for aerospace, transportation and medical applications.

The Divinycell range of polymer foam cores is the most comprehensive available. Each grade has been developed so that it meets a specific set of performance criteria.

Divinycell F

Sandwich Core with high FST properties

Divinycell H

In its application range Divinycell H has the highest strength to density ratio.

Divinycell HP

Divinycell HP has been developed to be fully compatible with low and medium temperature prepreg and RFI systems.

Divinycell HT

The extensively upgraded Divinycell HT polymer foam material from DIAB is the worthy successor to the original HT. .

Divinycell Matrix

Divinycell Matrix is an all purpose grade with high strength to weight ratio.

Divinycell P

Divinycell P is a recyclable, thermoplastic sandwich core material that is typified by excellent FST (fire, smoke & toxicity) properties.
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